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After you’ve been detained by police and released on bail, the stress and life challenges that result from your arrest can feel too overwhelming to bear. The idea of packing up your belongings and riding off into the sunset may seem quite alluring. But failure to appear in court (a.k.a. “skipping bail”) carries serious consequences. A bail bond functions as a monetary guarantee that the defendant will follow their release guidelines and attend their scheduled court dates. When a defendant violates the terms of this agreement, the freedom and flexibility granted by the bail bond go out the window. If you or a loved one skip bail, the events that follow can lead to additional penalties, charges, and jail time.

First, the defendant’s surety bond is revoked by law, meaning the bail agreement between the individual and their bondsman is considered no longer valid. The court seizes all monetary payments that were made to the bond agency in order to cover the original bail amount. This includes any collateral the defendant put down as part of their bail agreement.

Next, the court will issue a warrant for your arrest. This warrant is submitted to a federal database, notifying officers nationwide to be on the lookout. Crossing state lines or borders will not allow you to hide. Once you’re located by either law enforcement, skip tracers, or bounty hunters, you’ll be taken into police custody and held until your trial.

Blog #6 Skipping Bail (002)

In addition to being arrested, skipping bail may result in additional financial penalties and criminal charges. If you attempted to leave the area, these consequences will be magnified.

Finally, skipping bail gravely impacts the outcome of your case. Failure to appear in court suggests to the judge or jury that you have something to hide, that you’re fleeing out of guilt. They will be far less likely to show leniency, your tarnished reputation will create holes in your defense, and your chances for an unfavorable verdict increase.

If you or a loved one has skipped bail (whether intentionally or by accident), take action as soon as possible. It’s crucial to keep an open line of communication with everyone involved in your case, so if you’ve missed a past appointment or are unable to attend an upcoming court date, contact your lawyer and our bail agents immediately. Skipping bail creates an emotionally and financially taxing predicament for you, your family, and all others connected to the bond agreement. Rather than flee, encourage yourself or a loved one to diligently handle the legal dilemma and seek justice. Good people can find themselves in bad situations, but they always have time to make things right.

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