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Off The Hook Bail Bonds, a bondsman in Wilmington, NC is providing professional bail bondsman services to local residents. The company was established to help people exercise their desire to form a strong defense without being hindered by jail time, and their doors are always open to those in need.

The company has been serving the community in this manner since before the turn of the century, providing affordable bail bonds to those who might otherwise have been forced to grapple with a tough legal situation behind bars. Many friends and family members have also approached Off The Hook Bail Bonds for help simply because they wanted their loved ones safe at home.

Whatever the reason for an arrest may be, Off The Hook Bail Bonds is ready to help. They encourage everyone to get in touch immediately if they need assistance with either Misdemeanor or Felony bonds. In addition to covering the full bail amount, the team can expedite defendant releases, provide professional guidance where necessary and more.

In their quest to serve the community to the best of their ability, the company realized that many individuals and even organizations would benefit from a host of supplementary services. To this end, Off The Hook Bail Bonds is pleased to share that they are expanding their services to include Personal & Group Security and Private Investigation Services. To facilitate this expansion of responsibility, they will be partnering with The Allen Risk Group Private Investigations — an agency that already has considerable experience in associated fields.

Off The Hook Bail Bonds notes that the conclusion of the Actors and Writers strike in particular means these services are likely to be required in the coming months. Wilmington is known for playing host to a number of TV shows and movies, including One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, Sleepy Hollow and more. Marvel audiences may even be surprised to learn that Iron Man 3 was mostly filmed within the state.

This prominence in popular media is reflected elsewhere as well; Off The Hook Bail Bonds points out that the Wilmington, NC Music and Theatrical scene has shown steady growth over the years and shows no signs of letting up. The Live Oak Bank Pavilion alone, with a capacity that exceeds 7000 attendees, is known for its ability to quickly sell out space, especially in North Carolina’s warmer months.

Naturally, this interest has and will continue to attract some of the biggest names in various industries, all of whom will need private and/or group security as they navigate their obligations. Thanks to their service expansion and new partnership, Off The Hook Bail Bonds is delighted to confirm that they will be available to maintain security for all the state’s illustrious residents and visitors.

The company is keen to add that this will have no impact on their existing bail bondsman services. The community can still rely on the team to provide timely financial assistance and guidance, especially on short notice.

Off The Hook Bail Bonds understands that many will find it difficult to approach anyone else for help if they need help staying out of jail. Some may even feel that there is an unfair stigma associated with such actions. However, the company strongly believes that everyone deserves respect and compassion, and every member of the team strives to conduct themselves to the highest professional standards as a result.

“When one leaves jail, regardless if you are guilty or not and require a bond, you have enough shame and worry that can last you a lifetime,” notes one of the company’s former customers in a testimonial. “These guys were terrific! Robert was the one that showed up and helped me and my roommate. He was genuine, helpful, explained everything, referenced a top-notch attorney in town to help me out and gave me his card so I could reach him 24 hours a day for any questions or concerns I may have in the near future.”

The customer adds, “Walking out into the waiting room, I didn’t know what to expect. I left the jail feeling like I had a few people on my side, and life was not as bad as I made it seem. This company was spectacular, and I am so glad that my roommate found them. Thank you for all that you have done for me Off The Hook. You were truly appreciated!”

Off The Hook Bail Bonds is ready to leap into action the moment they are called. More information regarding the company’s services can be found on their official website.

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