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What is a Transfer Bond? When a friend or family member travels to another state and ends up in jail for whatever reason this can be a big problem. Most bail bonding companies do not like to post bail bonds for people that are not local. When a person is arrested in another state they are looked at as a flight risk in fear that they will not return for court. This is when you will need to contact your local bail bondsman and request a transfer bond.

How does a Transfer Bond work? Once you contact your local bail bondsman he or she will contact their surety company to find a bail agent close to the county in the state where your loved one is in jail at. Since there are more people involed there may be additional costs but this is usually a flat fee for posting the bond by the out of state bail agent.

How do I start the process? If you need this service call our office or use our “Quick Bail Request” and someone will be glad to walk you through the process which can be done online even from a Smartphone!

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