Spend Christmas with your loved one!

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During the holidays it can be lonely to be without a loved one that may have gotten arrested due to poor judgment. We here at Off the Hook Bail Bonds understand that you want to be with your friends and family over the holidays so we are offering 10% off the bond fee for any… Read more »

New Bail Bonding Office location!

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We are excited to announce that we will soon have a new location in Brunswick County to assist local residents with their bail bonding needs! With the sheriff’s recent decision to make it mandatory for all bail bond companies that wish to be listed inside the jail, they must have a office to be on… Read more »

Be Leery of Discount Bail Bonds!

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Like with most services everyone likes to get a bargain. When it comes to bail bonds in Wilmington NC some bail bondsmen will quote you a ridiculously low amount of money to do a bail bond for you. Be very careful going with these companies, what they are doing is telling you this just to… Read more »

What happens to forfeited Bail Bonds?

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When people are put in jail or are arrested they usually have to pay in full a bail amount set by a magistrate or hire a bail bondsman and pay a percentage of the bond amount, usually 15%. That persons bail bond can be set anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars. With many people… Read more »